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Vision and Mission

photo abou usWe strive in providing the best possible care for our young patients as well as utilizing the latest technologies to minimize radiation and help us perform procedures in an extremely proficient and timely manner, while providing the highest levels of safety for our young ones. Here are some of the things you can expect if you walk into one of our 3 conveniently located clinics:

  • Caring, friendly and professional staf to serve you in a calm and relaxed environment.
  • New Age Orthodontics; by incorporating removable appliances to correct your crowding or protrusion, we can treat you to a more beautiful face, natural contour, full smile. Your treatment time will be shorter, with fewer costly extractions, healthier jaw joints, greater stability, requiring less, if any retention.
  • Your first visit includes a thorough oral examination and digital X-rays as needed. A consultation and a proper course of treatment is planned and then will be explained to you by our experienced staff.
  • Digital X-rays reduces radiation by 80%
  • Our office meets or exceeds all safety regulations and provides the highest standards of sterilization for your protection. All instrument and hand-pieces are chemiclaved or autoclaved after each use and whenever possible, disposable instruments are used.
  • We are a multilingual office: English, Spanish, French, Farsi, and Tagalot.


ENVIRONMENT - We at Children’s Primary Dental provide a low stress environment for our young patients. To ease their time with our dentists we offer movies and games for those who simply need a minor distraction, while at the same time sedatative measures, such as:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Conscious sedation (twilight sleep with rigorous monitoring).
  • In office deep sedation performed by an anesthesiologist.
  • Hospital Dentistry; dental treatment performed under General Anesthesia at Children’s Hospital.

PREVENTIVE CARE - We offer the following preventative care services:

  • Prevention of dental carries in primary and permanent teeth by placing sealants or preventative resin restorations.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of crowding malposition and asymmetrical growth.
  • Early corrections of crossbites and underbites.
  • Management of Oral Habits; digit, thumb sucking, lip wetting or sucking and abnormal swallowing.

REPAIR / RESTORATION- The majority of the time people typically do not go to see a doctor until they feel there is something wrong.  For those patients we offer a entire host of tooth repair/restoration services which include:

  • Restoring carious teeth with esthetic white fillings and crowns, on front teeth and back molars.
  • Replacement of prematurely lost primary teeth and space maintainers and space regainers.
  • Root canals (assumption)
  • Teeth Implants/Bridges (assumption)


Children's Primary Dental

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